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Fiber art distilled from fashion

Dutch artists Matthias de Vogel started his career in fashion, working in important couture projects in Paris. When he moved to San Francisco to work for Levi Strauss he embarked on a journey of research and discovery of the ancient art and craft of loom made textiles.

Mathias de Vogel from Fault Lines by Paragon Art  Collective

Inspired by the colors, texture, and techniques he inmersed himself into, he created Fault Lines Lab upon his return to The Netherlands. In his studio he explores graphic textile art in a new modern way. His work has incredible depth and texture, connecting the yarns to create three-dimensional surfaces that make beautiful woven landscapes. It's intricate and complex yet organic and familiar thanks to the universality of textiles.

artwork and matching chairs byMathias de Vogel from Fault Lines -  Paragon Art  Collective

Contact me below to find out more about Matthias and Fault Lines Lab.


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