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Paragon Art Collective was founded by Mary Wysocki to help you find original art that you love even if you are an art novice. Paragon Art Collective provides art consulting services, curation services, and artist business advisement. No need for mass-produced wallhangings, original works of art CAN be affordable! 


Finding the right piece takes time and the art world can be intimidating, giving you the feeling that art is not within your reach. Visiting galleries and negotiating the price of original art can be a time-consuming and stressful venture. My job is to get to know you, listen, and understand your needs. Then present options that express who you are and what you love, to find a match within your budget. I scan the market, reach out to my worldwide connections, bring you a shortlisted proposal, and then help guide you through the acquisition.


Art is happiness. After a long career in corporate banking, I am thankful I found my calling. Thanks to Phuong from ArtBlue Studio, my mentor, to my husband and my children (who have been dragged on many an art adventure), and to all the people that have supported me in the journey since 2015. With your support, I have helped many families find art for their homes, art to cherish and love, and to leave as heirlooms. 


As an art consultant, I also guide artists to help them establish themselves and grow their businesses. Supporting the art community and upcoming artists is very close to my heart.

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