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If you love art or have always wanted to own original work yet do not know where to start, I will help you find the perfect match without the stress and guesswork.

Navigating the art world can be a challenging and emotional process. Whether you are looking for yourself or an interior designer looking for art for a client, we will discover options that suit your style and budget. Together let’s find something you will love. A piece that represents you. To cherish and love forever.


TRADITIONAL FAMILY HOME - I found the vintage Kimono for my client in an auction. Hand stitched in Belgian linen, and custom framed in acrylic for my client's newly designed living room. On the second floor of the home, we selected a statement Nguyen Lam painting to greet you at the top of the stairs. Inside the owner’s suite, a pair of Eva Carlini abstracts complete the cozy sitting space. Finally, a classic Mike Han blueprint for the kitchen and Amelia Currier's wooden assemblages in the corridor complete this art-loving couple’s dream home.

"MANNERS MAKETH MAN" - Derek and Blair came to me looking for a statement piece for their dining room. I introduced them to Edvarda's paintings after getting to know their taste and style. They fell in love with a painting called "One to Watch" but needed something bigger, so the process began to make their own highly personalized male version of it. Inspired by Tom Ford, Greek Mythology, and Tamara Lempicka and exceptionally executed by Norwegian artist Edvarda…this gentleman certainly is one to watch!