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Lynn Basa has completed numerous public art commissions around the country in mosaic, glass, steel, terrazzo, and light.  Her interest in materials began as a child by grubbing for fossils in the ravines of southern Indiana and weaving nests in clumps of prairie grass. 


After a long foray into clay and fiber art she turned to encaustic because this medium made of oil pigment and beeswax provides many of the effects of ceramics without a process mediated by equipment and kiln time. 


She has an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in studio and critical theory, and a BA in fine art from Indiana University with a concentration in ceramics.

Styling LYNN BASA works at home

Encaustics are truly special mediums because they provide volume, depth and texture to paintings making them closer to sculpture. Lynn's work is very unique and her style instantly recognizable. Her latest work is quite large and will be perfect for a commercial space or as the focal point of expansive living spaces.

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