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Bold, colorful collage meets imaginative fashion drawings! As a native New Yorker, Johannas's works are heavily influenced by street art and city dwellers, but also by travels, classic art, nature, and textiles.


She creates incredible visual compositions with richness, balance, and a firm viewpoint. Her commissions for fashion magazines are frequent. Johanna Goodman has created a style that's unique and versatile allowing her endless creative possibilities.


Her work is instantly recognizable. She's called it A Catalogue of Imaginary Beings, where she mixes and matches the unmatchable with great talent.

Styling JOHANNA GOODMAN works at home

Because of the intricate visual patchwork in Johanna's compositions, and their small/medium size, they are better appreciated at a short distance. You can hang her artwork in that place in your house where you are sure to be spending some time, undisturbed, admiring every detail. I have placed these in powder rooms and entryways, both great locations to pause and soak up their beauty.

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