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Edvarda is a Norwegian artist who splits her time between Oslo and Los Angeles. As a figurative painter, and part of the cultural transition of the 80s, the postmodern art of the 80s and 90s had a profound impact on Edvarda's approach to creativity and her fascination with the distinctions between high art and low culture. 


A recurring theme in Edvarda's art is the battle to regain the power of definition in terms of how women are depicted in pop culture, by painting women on their terms. 


In addition to her fine artwork, Edvarda has worked on numerous projects at the intersection of art and illustration, literature, and digital surfaces. 

Styling EDVARDA works at home

Edvarda's modern art deco figurative style makes her artwork right at home in either traditional or contemporary interiors. Take a closer look and you will notice the provocative twists and modern touches she adds to her paintings. Her use of color ranges greatly from pastel to a 60s palette, not forgetting a touch of expressionism, but what makes her recognizable is the sensuality and intense shading on her subjects. 

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