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Mike's artwork is influenced by Korean calligraphy, graffiti, modern design, and cartoons. Above all, he strives for balance in his art while working to illuminate the ubiquitous truths of life that are too close for us to see.

He works on manufactured, hand crafted, and found objects to better understand and explore how to live well. This attention to materials is synergistic with his practice as a sustainable sushi chef. His work, whether with organic or inorganic materials, explores his identity as a Detroiter with Korean heritage.

Styling MIKE HAN works at home

A black-and-white palette has been Han's signature style. These elegant yet bold lines are universally appealing and why his work is in constant demand. It's perfect for any space; with dark woods in a more traditional home, with a brick wall in an industrial loft, in a newly built modern home, and expansive commercial spaces.

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