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Employing process as content, Detroit artist James Collins produces graphic line paintings that resemble warped photocopies and moiré patterns. 


His multidimensional line-heavy works are created using a chance-based, custom process in which oil paint and water-based acrylic interact in a fluid state and repel each other. 


Relying on a precise chemical balance, Collins allows his materials to dictate their outcomes creating that signature style we see across his artwork.

Styling JAMES COLLINS works at home

Art can turn a neutral space into an Insta-worthy wonder, and that can't be more true than with the work of James Collins. His style can be subtle and bold at the same time, adding texture and color without being overwhelming. His style is somewhat masculine with the use of geometric patterns, but feminine too, with curved backgrounds and color, making it the perfect choice to modernize a period home.

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