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Nguyen Lam, one of Vietnam's revered masters of art, was born in the city of Can Tho, Vietnam in 1939. Nguyen Lam sees his artistic career in three stages; the first stage is when he experimented with various artistic methods with an emphasis on learning, the second stage is when he started to paint semi-abstract and abstract pieces and the third stage is when he decided to focus entirely on abstract.


He views every painting as a journey and embarks upon it by first meditating in front of a blank canvas. He doesn't paint as much as he used to so his work is very sought after. All the paintings below are currently available. Contact me for details.

Styling NGUYEN LAM works at home

Nguyen Lam's paintings are perfect for any area of your house. They are grounded in neutrals yet the bold strokes and pops of color bring that perfect touch of interest you want in a painting. They make an excellent focal point if you are building a space around the artwork. Quite adaptable, they will be right at home in a traditional or a modern setting.

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