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Espen Eiborg is a Norwegian contemporary visual artist who is inspired by the 80s political scene.


The blend of growing global capitalism, global mass media, and significant discrepancies in wealth, alongside a distinctive sense of music and fashion, epitomized by electronic pop music and hip hop all contribute to his unique perspective.


At the same time, his style can have a touch of street sensuality and 60s pop art. His frequent use of women figures and gold leaf brings light and glamour to his work.

Styling ESPEN EIBORG works at home

Espen's paintings hang on the walls of celebrities like Oprah, Sean Penn, and Robert Redford. His work is sure to look good in a private home as well as in commercial spaces, bringing a lot of character and a slight rock-and-roll vibe to any room. Make it a centerpiece to give it the stardom it deserves.

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