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In 2014, struggling to pay her son’s school tuition, Australian single mother Louise DeWeger decided to take a leap of faith. Quitting her job in hospitality and purchasing some paint with the little money she had left, she embarked on a journey that would be stressful and exhausting, but extremely rewarding.

She's a visual artist and designer who studied visual arts and contemporary craft at the South Bank Institute of Technology. Her pieces contain precise, hard-edged geometric forms with vibrant and lush pops of color, inspired by the Japanese paper folds in origami. A fascination with symmetry that stems from childhood butterfly paintings.

Styling LOUISE DeWEGER works at home

The mesmerizing geometrical compositions of Louise DeWeger's paintings are beautifully hypnotic. You will quickly appreciate her ability to produce such harmonious and vibrant pieces. Her artwork is a kaleidoscope of shapes and colors mixed with expertise that create statement pieces that will stand the test of time. Her artworks look stunning on a sparse wall or minimally decorated room where her unique style will demand attention.

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