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Being an artist has nothing to do with business, yet many dream of making a living from their art.  By sharing the business principles I've gained from over 20 years in the corporate world, we can work to build a business framework and develop growth strategies.  


I collaborate with established and up-and-coming artists with commissions, specialized projects, and exhibitions to help expand their reach and promote their brands.



 Amelia Currier -  "Mary and I met through our mutual artistic passion. Our relationship developed naturally, as her innate curiosity and enthusiasm are contagious. Her pursuit and resulting success in matching her client’s individual vision with her stable of artists is remarkable. She maintains a rigorous perfection in all aspects of her client’s needs , while educating them into understanding the artist's process and the possibilities of expansion in the design.


 Mary continues to mentor and explore artists in the Detroit community and internationally , whether veterans or rising stars . She has changed the trajectory of my own artistic career through her generosity of spirit and devotion to the fine arts."

Mike Han - “Mary has been incredible to work with! She’s been able to identify the various needs of clients to commission large scale murals to intimate works on blueprints.”


Play Staples - "Mary from Paragon Art Collective took my work up a notch, maybe two. Mary's passion shows throughout the process and her work ethic is excellent. I’m blessed to know her and to benefit from her support."

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