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Creating vast, dynamic explorations of colour is abstract expressionist Rowena Martinich’s forte. The Australian artist has worked extensively creating art for public spaces and commissions for big brands. 


She continues to push the boundaries within the public and private art sectors, transforming once ordinary spaces into luscious color-scapes. In the studio, she is driven by process. Her paintings are constantly shifting and evolving, building on each other to reflect a particular interest in the technical capacity of paint, each particular body of work displaying curiosity in the application of fluid layers.


Informed by years of painting experience Martinich works intuitively to create seemingly spontaneous and playful yet balanced compositions; rich in luminous color and gesture. 

Styling ROWENA MARTINICH works at home

Embrace color! A bold piece of art is crying out for the right space to convert to a total show-stopper. Art does not have to match the drapes...make a statement and live boldly!

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