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"Mary has been instrumental in introducing us to the world of art. She has helped us discover and secure two beautiful statement pieces for our home."

"Original art used to feel unobtainable. Then I met Mary, who believes beautiful art is for all. She takes you through the art-buying process from the start to finish, even negotiating directly with the artist."

"Her approach is thoughtful, sincere, proactive and effective. As a novice to the world of art, Mary made me feel comfortable and confident."

"Mary immediately recognized my love of vibrant, colorful artwork and commissioned the most amazing painting for our family."

"I have always liked art and I never thought I could actually own original work and even have paintings made for me until I met Mary. She has really opened a new window for me and now I don't want to stop."

"I had several areas in my home that have been empty - waiting for that special piece (that I never really found!).  After following Mary on Instagram for some time I reached out to her to help me.   After meeting and understanding what I liked - she expertly found pieces that not only look incredible - but are totally a reflection of the style of my home and feel like they were created exactly for me!"  

"She is astute, highly professional and made the entire experience fun and seamless. From visiting the galleries, meeting the artists themselves and having the pieces perfectly framed and installed!  If you want art that is as personal as your home, your design and decorating - I would highly recommend Mary as an art consultant”

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