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Your art collection starts here. Let me introduce you to a series of artists that I know and admire. This selection covers a wide range of styles and mediums. From the organic wooden assemblages of Amelia Currier to the zen-minimalist Vietnamese painter Bui Van Hoan and the bright, bold colorful work of Rowena Martinich. Don't miss the encaustics from Lynn Basa if you are looking for something different, and the incredible abstract genius of James Collins.


If you don't know where to start here are some expert tips for choosing a piece of artwork that represents who you are and what you love:


- Do you love the outdoors or are more of an indoor person?

- Is there any memory, for example a trip, you would like to keep alive?

- What is your style in terms of colors, your house and interior design?

- Do you have space for something big or prefer a small piece?

Remember original art is affordable and there's always options to adjust to your budget. Contact me below to start your art purchasing journey.

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