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Bui Van Hoan was born in Hai Duong (Vietnam) in 1971. He graduated from the Hanoi College of Fine Arts in 1994 and favors oil on canvas. He is inspired by a serene and peaceful life called “Thien”, a Vietnamese form of Zen Buddhism.

Being a master of light, Bui’s paintings reveal complexities not seen at first glance. He creates layers within scenes by using light, shadow and subtle variations in hue and texture. At first there is a peaceful monochromatic scene. As one’s eyes get accustomed to the colour, the mist that shroud his paintings reveal layers and details not apparent at first sight. Objects are moving, leafs rustling and grass swaying. 

All the paintings below are currently available. Contact me for details.

Styling BUI VAN HOAN works at home

The crisp use of colour in Bui Van Hoan's paintings make them perfect to brighten up any space. His work is subtle in a way that you will be able to combine his artwork with other patterns and textures in your home with ease. The more you look at them the more you see in them. I like to place them in an area where you can view them from different angles to appreciate all of the subtle complexities and enjoy the shadows that the changing light of day brings.

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