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Detroit November 2023 -  The Dynami Foundation funds scientific research, education, and patient support surrounding breast cancer. Its premier fundraising event, Uncork for a Cure, combines the best wine, food, and fast cars.


Uncork returned to the M1 Concourse in November 2023 for its eighth edition. After a successful live painting by artist Mike Han the prior year, Mike recommended Paragon Art Collective to the foundation's powerhouse advocate, Flora Migyanka, to bring more artists to the cause.


The Uncork Gallery was born from this introduction and desire to support the Dynami Foundation's mission. These local and international artists generously donated each of these stunning works of art. Paragon Art Collective debuted this collection at the Neiman Marcus Art & Fashion Show Luncheon, with several artists in attendance.


After remaining on display at Neiman Marcus for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the collection moved to the signature event at the M1 Concourse. It was successfully auctioned, with all proceeds benefitting the foundation. We hope the new collectors cherish these pieces for many years to come. Knowing the proceeds support an essential cause makes them even more special.



When I approached Amelia for this event she was instantly in and we both knew that Monarch was the perfect piece for the occasion. The delicate and feminine shapes of the butterfly inspired piece resonated deeply with Flora, the event organiser and she ended up buying it for herself. The floral display really complemented the wood assemble and although we will miss it, I'm sure Monarch will be very happy in its new home.

MATTHIAS DE VOGEL - Fold lines pink 

In his studio in Amsterdam, a textile lab called Fault Lines, Matthias De Vogel experiments with traditional ideas of textile art blended with the influence of his background in fashion. In my initial conversations with Matthias about participating in Uncork for a Cure he committed to donate a beautiful piece in yellow, but eventually he was kind enough to make this amazing intricate fibre artwork in pink, a great nod to the cause the Dynami foundation support.  

ELIJAH McNEELY a.k.a DRIPTHO - Chinese New Year

The moment I hung this piece in Neiman Marcus and we turned on the light I knew we made the right artwork choice from the selection Elijah presented. Chinese New Year is such a vibrant and powerful piece that it's presence commands attention. Just like the holiday itself, and like the Driptho DNA, it's full of energy, vibrant expressions of joy and a positive vibe to recharge and welcome a new season.

ERIC LOWRY a.k.a EL CAPPY - Cloud 9

Cloud 9 was truly a collaborative effort. I knew Eric's collage work was fantastic but they way he took my stack of vogue magazines and turned it into this amazing and relevant artwork (with even a nod to Barbie!)  totally blew my mind. The attention to detail, exquisite craftsmanship and unique technique make Eric's artwork something that can be customised to your palette or theme making it super versatile for commissions.  


Takesiha often features her family in her artwork. She chose to donate an amazing piece for Uncork for a Cure, a portrait of her little cousin Saniya called Coronation. Being part of Uncork for a Cure meant a lot for Takeisha and also for the eight year old. Takeshia and her mother took Saniya to Troy for her to ser portrait hung in Neiman Marcus. An incredible moment that will forever be edge in her memory, because representation matters.