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Eva Carlini, a painter of our times

With all the instant-gratification media available today, one can often wonder if young people are still interested in fine art, then you discover artists like Eva Carlini, and your faith is instantly restored. Eva is a young and talented Italian-American artist from Chicago that's mainly self-taught. She started painting when she was very young, at 5 or 6. She always had the support of friends and family who could see her incredible skills, but as a young woman, like many, she doubted herself.

Eva Carlini in her studio with Paragon Art Collective

Eva set off to college as an art major. After suffering from negative commentary from peers and romantic partners, Eva strayed from her passion and changed her major to Environmental Studies. She was inspired to make a difference in the world but quickly learned law would have been a better choice for that, and lost interest. Luckily she attended a design course over the summer at Harvard University that changed her course once again. Encouraged by the support and praise of Annette Lemieux, she decided to be a professional artist at age 21. "Like everyone else, I’ve had ups and downs' she says, 'but I haven’t questioned or regretted my decision once in the last nine years. Trust your gut!"

Eva's story is an inspiration to all young women who know who they are but doubt themselves.

We are thrilled about this career shift. Eva Carlini is a fine contemporary artist and her abstract work oozes a sophistication that's timeless and exquisite. She's one to watch, and yeah, she's on TikTok

These gorgeous paintings by Eva found their way to one of my client's homes. If you are looking for original art for your home and don't know where to start, let's have a chat. You can contact me below.

Eva Carlini dyptic paintings in renovated Tudor home bedroom in Detroit with Paragon art collective


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