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Experience the Dripthro dynamic

Elijah McNeeley is an abstract artist based in Boise, Idaho, also know as Dripthro. One of his core beliefs is that art should be an authentic experience for the artist and the viewer alike. Elijah’s work is a direct reflection of the songs playing, the emotions felt, and the environment in which the piece was created.

Elijah McNeeley AKA Driptho - Paragon Art Collective

You won’t find pretentious or complex descriptions “explaining” the art. Each piece is like a journal entry. It could represent a moment in the day, a week’s worth of experiences, or a reflection on a memory of yesteryear. Just as looking at clouds can render different opinions as to shapes or scenes, Elijah wants every viewer to experience the art in a personal way.

Contact me below to find out more about Elijah's work and availability.


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