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It started with sneakers

Eric Lowry is a Detroit based and self taught artist also know as El Cappy. He's become popular thanks to his artistry in shoe customization, using leather paint atop of high end sneakers. His work is collected by athletes and sneaker aficionados as well as by many in the art circles and industry. He has worked with giants like IBM, Stock X , Stella McCartney, Shinola and Nike.

Lowry’s new body of work “MOOD” for this one time solo show for everyone to experience, presented by Lisa Spindler Studio for his solo show in Detroit. Eric is known for his extremely intricate and complicated designs that he incorporates in all of his artwork. For this collection he has created mixed media pieces featuring hand cut collage artwork on canvase and show his great talents in a more traditional format.

Contact me below to find out more about Eric Lowry "El Cappy" and his work.


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