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Vintage Photography with Takeisha

Takeisha is a Fine Art Photographer who is mostly known for her use of archival paper and historical techniques from the beginning of photography. Her work is a blend between portrait and painting to create images that have an unmistakable vintage look. She started photographing her siblings and now her family continues to be at the center of her work. She uses her medium to honor her lost ancestors and to preserve the Now for Later, capturing her children with a historical yet current perspective.

The Detroit native joined the Air Force as a young self-taught journalism photographer and with 15 years of work under her belt, she decided to seek her Fine Arts Degree. Representation, history, social change, and service to her community come together in her work. Powerful stories are captured to inspire future generations of black female artists and to break down the barriers that still exist today.

Takeisha vintage photography  with Paragon Art Collective

Can you imagine yourself or a loved one immortalized in this manner? Contact me below for details.



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