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Visiting James Collins in his studio

James Collins is a Detroit-based artist who produces graphic line paintings that resemble warped photocopies and moire patterns. His multi-dimensional line-heavy works are created using a chance-based, custom process in which oil paint and water-based acrylic interact in a fluid state and repel each other. He relies on a precise chemical balance and allows his materials to dictate their outcomes. Through this technique, he can create entire paintings in one sitting!

James Collins in his studio with Paragon Art Collective

I was lucky enough to visit his Detroit studio with a client and she picked this colorful gem for her dining room. It's going to get a bit of bling from the framing shop and then we will share the final result. It's easy to imagine a before and after in this room. It still amazes me the amount of personality and style that the perfect art can bring to your home.

You can see more of his work in my Gallery section. If you are looking for original art for your home and don't know where to start, contact me below. Let's have a chat, I can help you find your perfect match!

James Collins painting in dining room


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